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Dec 8, 2013 6:00am EST
the simulation center, which is opening in january. >> sure. the simulation center is part of our health sciences complex where you look at where medicine is going. we are trying to really force all of the education around medicine to be patient centric and make everyone realize you need a team approach. that also involves looking at using technology, to teach people how to do things. the way i was trained where i had to do one and then observe one, do one and teach one. we now have simulation for everything. unbelievable in terms of the technology. whoa have a mannequin who will deliver baby, et cetera. so it's extremely high tech. and that summation center, in my opinion, would be best in the midatlantic area when we open it in january. >> that sounds fascinating. >> absolutely. >> a mannequin delivering a baby? >> that's absolutely right. >> physical plant, new dorms, new buildings going up. >> that's right. two new residence halls are going up. atmosphere on the campus and keep as many of our students on the campus. it helps with student life. that's going on. i think again it will be a state
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am EST
of which sold out in about six minutes. forget self control, science is to blame with why people can't turn down chocolate. in pisa, italy they found some people are hard wired to love the taste of chocolate. the reason is that for some people their brain's pleasure center is set into a state of euphoria when they eat chocolate. all other people's brains barely register the taste. tributes continue to pour in for nelson mandela. from the funeral a rangements to the street side memorials. how they're remembering the former leader. you can see all the color on radar. we will show you the radar and the latest timeline on when and what to expect in the weekend. you can look at the sky and see we have nasty weather out there. after the military. how a local organization is >> i cherish the idea of a new south africa where all south africans are equal. >> that was nelson mandela on april 27th, 1994. that was the day he was elected south africa's president. april 27th is now a national holiday there. today many south africans gathered outside mandela's home to mourn and celebrate the life of the m
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am EST
evacuated from a science lab for a short time. paramedics evaluated several people at the scene. they are hoping $1,000 will help solve a crime. a woman is followed boy a man in northwest d.c. moments after, she was raped and assaulted by that man. a local business owner is putting up $1,000 of his own money to convince anyone who knows something about that noon come for the and tell police. smith is take doing this because he is tired he said of seeing all the unsolved crime in washington including one of his own. last year he was shot in the face while being robbed near the capital. >> it went in ander to this up and came out on the side over here. >> so far police do not have any leads on the assault and the rape. if you recognize the attacker in the video, you are asked to contact mpd before trying to get in touch with smith. >> gunfire resulted in an arrest of man early sunday morningful according to metro transit, two men were arguing on a maryland-bound train. the argument became heated and man instruct other man with it. they shattered a window of the train and no one wa
Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm EST
at home, students showed little improvement over the previous tests, scoring 481 in math, 497 in science and 498 in reading. they failed to make the top 20 list in any subject. today, education secretary, arne duncan called it a sign of educational stagnation. >> the brutal truth, that reality, must serve as a wake-up call against educational complacency. the problem is not that our 15-year-olds are performing worse today than before, the problem is that they are simply not making progress. >> the tests also show that students in several countries that lag behind the u.s. back in 2009 now outperform american students in many key categories. the global exam is given every three years to more than half a million students. >>> sounds like a dream on wheels. it's in production in our area. 261 miles to the gallon. you can fill up once and drive for weeks or longer. northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver gives us a look at the car of the future. >> reporter: we are at volkswagen headquarters for you. look at the xl-1. this is the newest edition. the woman with the keys is telling us
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4